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Why Choose Us

Because you've done your research

For the New Generation

We’re called New Generation Homes because we’re here to represent the way the New Generation (that’s you!) wants to live, to build and be treated.

So before we design and price our homes, source materials, and put processes into play; we do rather a lot of listening.

We consider the way people like to live, how they want to entertain, rest and work. Our designs are built on insights. Our processes are built on respect.

We’ve designed your experience too

Your home is important but so is the journey. That’s why we’ve designed your experience – from finance to finish – in a way that respects your time, your budget and your taste. We're transparent with you every step of the way, and the only home-builder in WA which puts you in touch with your Construction Supervisor. 

Let’s go

We like to walk beside our customers, not behind them. We will guide you, but never push you.

And whether you’re a building beginner or an expert, we’ll be there with the support you need, all the way from finance to finish.

Where inspiration grows

Gathering inspiration is not the hard part; you’ve been doing it for years. Seeing how everything works together and what you can realistically have in your home? That’s the challenging bit. Our award winning (it had to be said) Style Studio is purpose built to bring together your home’s inspired look. Come and see it for yourself.

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