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Why Choose Us

Because you've done your research

We're focusing on what you want.


Our designs range from 3-bedroom to 6-bedroom plans so you can rest assured that your home makes room for life to happen.

We understand that what your every day looks like now might be a little different in the next few years. To accommodate how you change, we've incorporated great communal spaces like games rooms, activity spaces, WFH studies, storage nooks and more into our designs to give you the flexibility to change and evolve in your home.



You're smart with your money because you want to make the best choices with your investment; after all, this is the most expensive thing you're ever going to purchase. So we've packed homes full of value to see and feel what you've paid for every day you live in your home.

Read through our range of On-Trend and In-Vogue inclusions to make sure you're ticking off your list of needs and wants and let us know if there is more we can do to add value to your future home.


Feeling confident in your decision is key to the journey you're embarking on being a happy one; that's why we keep you updated throughout every stage.

Hear about your home straight from the horse's mouth with direct communication with your Construction Supervisor. He or she will give you a play-by-play of major milestones like when your slab is poured or your roof is going up. They'll post pictures to the Client Portal so you can scrapbook and share your progress and by the time lock up comes around your Construction Supervisor might be your new best friend.

Where inspiration grows

Gathering inspiration is not the hard part; you’ve been doing it for years. Seeing how everything works together and what you can realistically have in your home? That’s the challenging bit. Our award winning (it had to be said) Style Studio is purpose built to bring together your home’s inspired look. Come and see it for yourself.

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