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Build your big family home

Space for you to be you.

Space to grow.

Whether you're just starting to grow your family or you have pre-teens and a couple of dogs - New Generation have designs which will fit when building your big family home in Perth Metropolitan. 

3-bedroom home designs

Perhaps you're in chapter 1 of your family story and planning your first step with plans to build bigger further down the road. Or maybe house-plants and puppies will be sharing your space - we have home-designs which will help you get to the lifestyle you're envisioning. View our 3x2 designs below and if you have questions around flexibility, land or something else just click on the instant messenger icon and someone will chat you through it. 

4-bedroom home designs

Need some space to spread out? Maybe the kids need to run around a bit more with a bigger back yard, extra common space like a theatre room or an entire space dedicated to activities (to help keep Mum and Dad sane) and them happy.

Or perhaps your children are well and truly moved out and you're looking to build a home that will give you some well-deserved you time with a couple of spare rooms for guests and grand-children one day. You can build your 4-bedroom home in Perth Metropolitan with New Generation designs. 

5-bedroom home designs

If your children are either in their teens or on the cusp, it's all about finding as much space as everyone can get! Each individual will be craving room to grow; that's why our designs are flexible and can be changed to accommodate a fifth bedroom. For example, Abundance home-design boasts separate study, activity, theatre and games rooms in addition to the four bedrooms. We can redesign one of these spaces to accommodate another bedroom for guests and friends. You can build your 5-bedroom home in Perth Metropolitan with New Generation designs.

6-bedroom home designs

Yes, you read that right - we have home designs featuring six bedrooms. Perfect for large or combined family living, or for the family that hosts people at their home more often than not. Easily converted into a study, nursery etc. the sixth bedroom is a flexible space to work with.

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