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Meet your New Home Consultants

Find someone you can trust.

We're getting to know you, so it's only fair that you get to know us.


Meet the New Home Consultants who partner in the process of building a home with New Generation. Each Consultant has his or her own style of working with you, but one thing they all have in common is wanting to build a relationship with you before they build your home.

Working around your values, your lifestyle and your future,
these are the people who turn your dreams into drawings and put your plans into action.

Luke Matthews

Luke has been with Summit for almost 10 years and has a boat-load of experience from building first homes to investor portfolio expansion.

Luke believes in building a friendship with his clientele and because of this has a great referral rate from past clients.

Fun fact: Luke is a big car man, owning XB Falcon Coupe and a SL/R Torana

Favourite design: Solstice - rear living means a view of the back garden, bringing the outdoors in.

Building tip: Make sure you do all of your research and you're prepared for each individual step of the process to save yourself any stress.

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Jax Civin

Jax is a former interior designer and has a boatload of finessed knowledge and advice to give you on not only the initial stages of choosing your floorplan but how to achieve your desired finished look.

Jax has a long list of clientele living happily in their dream home whom come from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds. This portfolio of satisfied clients has allowed Jax to specialise in home designs which fit a plethora of ethnic backgrounds.

Favourite design: Questro - a beautiful design with enough space for a second master room room for dual living, a third bathroom and stunning window seat in the master. You can find Jax at the Questro display in Southern River.



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Mark Wilson

Affectionately known as 'Wilo' to friends, Mark has a background in construction, so if you need upskilling in the building process he's your guy.

Mark built his home in Baldivis and is a specialist in house and land in this area.

Fun fact: Mark is the heart and soul of the Baldivis Footy Club

Favourite AFL Team: Essendon

Building tip: Keep it simple and don't overthink it.

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Vinzi Carcione

Friendly, down to earth and with a relaxed approach to life; Vinzi is a pro at managing your process from start to finish with attention to detail and transparency.

Vinzi specialises in trouble shooting and finding solutions around design and requirements. 

Favourite Movie: National Lampoons (favourite family holiday memories!)

Favourite design: Atmos - a big games room off alfresco, what more could you want!

Building tip: Spend time on your design before it's set in concrete. The beauty of building is that you can change things before it's too late.

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Jo Naronha

Jo comes from versatile Hospitality background and has developed unique consulting style, built from years of experience in the customer service industry. Establishing rapport with clients, being transparent, building trust and delivering exceptional customer service is of utmost importance to Jo.

Jo is passionate about what he does, finding resolutions to suit lifestyle, budgets, cultural beliefs and requirements. 

Fun fact: Jo can speak 4 different languages, making it easier to transact with diverse group of people.

Favourite design: Trojan-There's something for everyone, the features of this design makes the home a dream to entertain in.

Building tip: Choose a design that inspires you, do your research, get the right advice from the beginning, be realistic on budget and do not compromise on comfort & convenience.

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Matt Diamond

Friendly, dynamic, professional and full of beans Matt is a fresh addition to the Summit team. Meticulously customer driven, Matt is ready to help you achieve your goals. 

Fun fact: Matt's favourite home to date is Scotland where he spent many an hour hiking through the highlands.

Favourite Design: Galileo – The kitchen is a place where he doesn’t just cook, he creates, cooking is an art and art should be seen for everyone.

Building Tip: A solid foundation is built on dreams.

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Josh Mellor

You won't find a more energetic or optimistic consultant than Josh. He funnels all of his enthusiasm into getting you excited about the journey you're about to embark on. 

Josh thrives off finding out what you need and sourcing the right land and home design to fit what you're dreaming of.

Fun fact: I love travelling and surfing

Favourite design: Infinite- very spacious house with a great layout, many rooms and a large alfresco area for future family BBQ’s


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Liz Holloway

Liz has been with Summit for almost five years and has a beautiful portfolio of homes and happy clients to show for it.

Liz believes in customising the experience around design according to the values of you, the client and the type of life you want to live.

Fun fact: I'm a travel-addict (not coping in the current environment!) - and my absolute favourite place in the world is Barcelona. I'm always driven by cuisine when it comes to choosing my next destination.

Favourite design: Altair - the kitchen layout leaves room for a stunning picture window to let the natural light flood in. The home has a logic in its sequence which reflects how you live.

Building tip: Think about how you live every day, each little thing you do habitually, and then decide on your design.

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Kumar Vasinda Comara

Speak a different language? Kumar speaks not one, not two but five (Mandarin, Cantonese, Bahasa, Hakka and Tamil); so it's safe to say that if you need more than a how-to-build translation Kumar is the man for the job.

Fun fact: Kumar loves to volunteer in projects in his local community and be an active contributor.

Favourite design: Omega - a great fit for a wide lot.

Building tip: Find someone who listens and understands you before deciding to build with them.

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