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Pin it at the Style Studio

Samples, swatches, colours, textures, paint, roofing and all the rest

You know what would be great? A real-life Pinterest board. 

Our Style Studio, located at 242 Leach Highway, Myaree is a dream when it comes to finessing the finer details of your soon-to-be home.

What can you browse at the Style Studio?

It would be easer to tell you what we don't have! Think about every surface, finish, rendering, paint colour, roof shade, blind.... Are you getting the picture here? Visiting our Style Studio gives you the opportunity to indulge all five senses when envisioning the details you want to look at everyday in your home. Making these kinds of decisions can be daunting, but with everything laid out in front of you in fun and creative ways, the process becomes a lot more enjoyable.

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Pin it at the Style Studio

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For some the en-suite is their favourite project in the home. Selecting tiles and splash-backs which match your mirrors and glass finishes becomes a lot easier when you have tapware, bathtubs, toilets, tiles and counter tops right in-front of you.


What is cladding you might ask? Have you ever driven passed a house and noticed a stylized strip of material - sometimes timber or stone - which sits at the front of the home? It adds a little sparkle and can set the tone for your personal taste. We have a wide range of cladding options to help you with your vision.


Beacon Lighting have created a stunning installation at the heart of the Style Studio to give you some fitting inspo. All the way down to the light switches, we have you covered for options.


We have not one, but two sample kitchens set up at the studio. You can browse cooktops, ovens, essasstone benchtop finishes, splash-backs, wine-fridges and more to your heart's content. 


The Style Studio dedicates an entire wall to swatches of finishes, colours and patterns of different cabinetry options. We all love storage and with all of these choices it's easy to get carried away.

Alfresco living

We're in the sunniest city in the world, so of course we need to prioritise our outdoor options! Decking and lay-out ideas are on display so you can map-out your BBQ HQ.


COLORBOND® roofing, fascias, slotted gutters and downpipes are part of the New Generation Home specifications. Which means you can pick from the beautiful shades they have available, in the Style Studio.

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