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5 feature wall statements for new home designs in Perth

Posted 14 July 2017

When it comes to injecting instant fun and personality into your home, we often tend to think about furnishings first, such as replacing the rug, adding some cushions or trying out some brand new bedding.

Yet there’s another way to make a visual statement that will transform the style and atmosphere of your home – the feature wall.

A feature wall gives you big impact for minimal effort. At New Generation Homes, our home builder team love the transformative power of a feature wall, which is why you’ll find them peppered throughout our display homes in Perth. And in this article, we’ll share five examples of display home feature wall inspiration with you!

Feature wall style statement #1: The front elevation feature wall

If you want to make a statement before anyone even steps into your home then a front elevation feature wall is the way to go! Not only will it set the style and feel for the rest of the home but it can also make you the envy of the whole neighbourhood. Create a modern industrial influence with exposed red brickwork like our Iconic display home. Or if a blend between traditional and contemporary is more to your taste, combine chic timber cladding with a show stopping feature tile as seen on our Taylor display home.

Feature wall style statement #2: The living room feature wall

Given that the lounge room is primarily used for watching TV, it makes sense to make a feature of the TV wall itself. In the Atticus display home, we’ve gone a step further and actually recessed the TV wall within the home design, creating a visual effect that nicely frames the television and slimline entertainment unit below. On-trend repurposed timber enriches the large nook with warmth and energy, ensuring all the elements work together to create a unique living room feature wall.

While the lounge room feature wall in this instance works as a ‘background style support’ to help other features in the room to shine, we recommend you also visit our Iconic display home which creates a living room feature wall via bold metallic bevelled glass tiling, making it the cool centre of attention.

Feature wall style statement #3: The master bedroom feature wall

The best master bedrooms ooze texture and warmth – two elements that can be instantly added via a textured feature wall.

Visit our Atticus display home and see for yourself how the feature wall in the master bedroom brings animation to the space. The deep mosaic effect of repurposed timber eliminates the need for a bed head and brings in the added warmth of wood. Given the busyness of the feature wall, we recommend balancing it against large monotone light pendants.

Feature wall style statement #4: The kitchen feature wall

A good feature wall should set the atmosphere for the room, and ideally draw upon other style features in the area. Step into our Iconic display home, and you’ll witness how a small yet powerful kitchen feature wall can set the mood for the entire open plan living. In this home design, exposed red brick sets a trendy urban tone, while also nicely tying together the inside and outside living areas, thanks to a red exposed brick wall in the alfresco.

Feature wall style statement #5: The minor bedroom feature wall

As most minor bedrooms belong to the kids, it’s often these feature walls that have the most fun! In our Elmwood display home, the minor bedroom feature wall is simply cool, with isometric shapes providing a backdrop for eight eclectic skateboards that vertically frame the bed below.

Remember that wallpaper has come a long way over the decades, and you can even customise your own image for a truly unique minor bedroom feature wall!

Get wall-to-wall inspiration at Perth’s best value for money home builders, New Generation Homes.

From big impact feature walls, to those little style statements that make a house into a home, take a tour through our modern display homes north and south of the river.

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