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A powerful palette of colourful optimism: Wattyl looks to 2021

Posted 3 September 2020

The power of colour to de-stress, nurture and cocoon will be a key antidote to the uncertainties of a post-COVID world, according to colour experts across the globe.

Sarah Stephenson, Wattyl's colour and design specialist, says many of us will satisfy our craving for wellness, happiness and safety by surrounding ourselves with colours that invoke calmness and security, as well as those that forge a stronger connection with nature.

In what some might regard as a welcome nod to 2021, Wattyl recently announced its new hues for next year - four palettes that deliver an uplifting injection of carefully curated colour, cleverly walking the line between classic and contemporary.

"These palettes, designed with a focus on wellness and nurturing, are for painting on walls, for soft furnishings and other decorative elements, from bedlinen to artworks," said Stephenson. "Colour really can transform our home into our sanctuary, something most of us are craving." Here is her commentary on what Wattyl's colours for 2021 will deliver.