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First Home Owner's Grant

Posted 26 July 2021

Building a home is probably the most significant investment you'll make in your lifetime and yes, we know - it's a big jump! 

Luckily as Western Australians our government offers great financial assistance options when you become a first home buyer. This takes the pressure off a little bit and helps you get to your deposit-goal a little quicker. 

First Home Owner's Grant

  • This scheme is aimed at offsetting the tax you pay on your build. The grant totals $10 000.00 and if you are buying as a couple/ partnership only one person is eligible for it, so don't make the mistake of thinking you can double your digits!
  • If you are building your first home or doing an extensive renovation on your first home then you may qualify for this option; but if you are planning on buying an established home then this takes the grant off the board. 
  • Great news - your salary doesn't affect your eligibility so no need to stress on whether or not you earn too much or too little to qualify.
  • You do have to be an Australian Citizen or a Permanent Resident (if you are buying as a couple one buyer must meet this criteria) so make sure you've crossed those t's and dotted those i's before applying.

First Home Owner's Grant


Looking for some more assistance? When you become a New Generation home-buyer you can apply for our Easy Assist program.

We'll help you out with:

  • costs for renting,
  • help with supporting your family,
  • a boost on your deposit,
  • if you have some debts you want to clear.

Do I qualify for Easy Assist

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