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Keystart (the car!)

Posted 26 July 2021

A beginner's Guide To Keystart

Is the fact that you have some outstanding debts stopping you from building your own home? It can be overwhelming thinking that your financial history or current status might make it more difficult for you to access the property market; that's why Keystart was introduced.

Keystart is a form of financial lending that assists and supports you with an affordable pathway to home ownership by:

offering lower entry costs

low deposit requirement

no lender's mortgage insurance

If you are eligible for Keystart you can get started with as a little as 2% deposit and when you're ready to refinance if you want to, you can!

If you’re a first home buyer, the First Home Owner Grant of $10 000.00 (applicable only when building your new home) can be used towards this 2% deposit. That means you could have a house and land package of $400K and the only deposit you would need is $3 000.00. 

Another great thing about lower repayments (if you're eligible) is it's a much lighter load on the wallet when it comes to paying your rent whilst you build.

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