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Understand the building boom.

Posted 2 August 2021

You may have heard. . .

Western Australia (and the country as a whole) is experiencing a building boom induced by the government grants offered following the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

These grants meant an influx of new clients could afford to build their home sooner than they expected, and so building companies saw a surge in demand. This rush put pressure on a number of links in the building process:

  • availability of land, both infill in inner-suburbs and in estates in the Perth Metro outer-suburbs;
  • availability of trades for construction, i.e. brick-layers and roof carpenters;
  • a delay in permissions in planning due to a backlog of jobs

Building companies did the best they could to manage this influx whilst the cost of trades and materials increased due to demand.

At New Generation Homes, we have managed our pipeline well and taken a more responsible approach with our volumes. This aligns with our recent industry awards, the 2020 Professional Major Builder from the Housing Industry Association and 2021 Project Builder of the Year from Master Builders.

With over 40 years in the industry, Summit Homes Group which New Generation falls under, has the financial strength, know-how, and trade & supplier relationships to meet these demands; and is now in a position to start the building journey for many more Western Australians.

We have also taken the insights of the last 12 months and identified opportunities to invest in our people and technology platforms to further improve our processes and customer experience.

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