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Rear living floorplans

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Why choose a home design which focuses on rear living?

Rear living is fast becoming a popular choice when deciding on how you want to live in your new home. 

Having your communal spaces at the rear of the home allows you to maximise on views of your garden as much as possible and gives the impression of a much bigger alfresco space. Family time like cooking and eating meals, watching a movie or hosting friends in your home connects everyone to the outside when you have windows and glass doors wrapping around your rear living areas. 

Most rear living home designs have the minor or children's bedrooms at the front of the home with the master located before the kitchen and open common living areas. For mature families this might work whilst younger families with smaller children feel more secure with the minor bedrooms being in the middle of the home. New Generation home designs cater to these kinds of requirements with more than twelve rear living floorplans to choose from.

Northern orientation - what are the facts.

You might have heard northern orientation mentioned since you started your research. If you're still looking for your land it might be worth including this in your list of criteria.

A northern oriented block means maximum sunlight into your home especially in winter when the extra warmth is needed. This also means you save on the heating bill in the colder months.