In this ever-evolving world of real-estate, the concept of narrow lot home designs has been gaining significant traction. As the urban landscape within Perth has become denser and the available land shrinks, the appeal of narrow lot homes is now on the rise.

The Advantages of Narrow Lot Home Designs


1. Cost-Effective Living

Narrow lot homes present a compelling proposition for budget-conscious homeowners. With land prices on the rise in Perth, the reduced land requirement can translate into a cost saving on both land acquisition and site preparation. Opting for a narrow lot home design allows you to maximize your investment, channelling resources into the actual structure and amenities within the home rather than sprawling land.

2. Space Efficiency

Contrary to the misconception that narrow lot homes compromise on space, these designs ingeniously prioritise efficient layouts. Our team have worked hard to optimise every bit of space within our home designs to ensure there is enough space to enjoy a functional and comfortable living space.

This space efficiency not only enhances daily living but also minimises the need for excess maintenance.

3. Urban appeal

Narrow lot homes are tailor-made for urban environments where space is a premium commodity. The sleek and compact designs seamlessly blend into the cityscape, providing an ideal solution for those who aspire to live closer to the heart of the city or within established neighbourhoods.

Embracing a narrow lot design enables homeowners to enjoy the vibrancy of urban living without compromising on the comfort of a well-designed home.

4. Innovative Design

The evolution of narrow block home designs has enabled us to think creatively with our designs. The Jericho floorplan, one of many of our narrow lot home designs, is a perfect example of an innovative design; whilst only being a 144m2 it allows for three bedrooms, plenty of natural light, a walk in pantry and a spacious en-suite – you can take a look at the home design here.

5. Environmental Impact

The smaller footprint of narrow lot homes inherently contributes to a reduced environmental impact. With less land disturbance during construction and fewer resources needed for maintenance, these homes align with sustainable living practices. For eco-conscious individuals, opting for a narrow lot home is a step towards a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

As the demand for urban living spaces continues to surge, narrow lot home designs emerge as a practical and stylish solution. Beyond the initial cost savings, these homes offer a blend of functionality, efficiency, and urban appeal. The evolution of narrow lot house plans has transformed them from a practical necessity to a design choice that reflects the changing dynamics of modern living.


Discover our Range of Narrow Lot Home Designs today


As an award-winning new home builder, we’re reshaping the Perth landscape with a range of narrow lot home designs that offer the perfect blend of innovation, space-efficiency and luxury.

Experience the best in modern living with homes that reflect excellence in design and functionality, tailored for the evolving needs of Perth residents.

For more information about our range of home designs, visit the narrow block home designs collection or get in touch with us today.


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