Can you tell us about your home design? Did you have an idea of what you wanted from the get-go?

I think the overall goal for this home was to make it bigger for us for the future and as I am a bit of a future planner. We want to start a family. So I think for us it was a home that we could grow into. Yeah. So I think that was the ultimate goal for us.

Do you have a favourite area of the home? What is the family’s favourite spot?

 Choosing our favourite aspect of our new home is a challenge, given the abundance of features we love. Yet, if we were to select, our home theatre and kitchen/pantry would undoubtedly top the list. The home theatre, now with a starlight roof we waited patiently for, offers a magical escape for relaxation and entertainment after a long day at work. As for the kitchen and pantry, they exceed our expectations, fulfilling every wish we had and more.

What advice would you offer people building their home?

Remember, you deserve respect—don’t let anyone take advantage of you. Take your time, and always remember it’s your hard-earned money at stake. Do thorough research to understand what you’re getting into, both now and in the future. And most importantly, savour every moment of the experience. It’s your journey—embrace it and enjoy the ride.

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