If you love entertaining for the holidays or find it pretty stressful, preparing your home for the holidays can sometimes be overwhelming as homes become ‘the hub’ where we gather to eat, play, and celebrate together. Although we are well aware Christmas comes at the same time every year, somehow, most of us still end up frantically shopping, cooking, and cleaning and not enjoying the time off that we get from work.


Here at New Generation Homes we have a few easy steps to get your home ready:

Step 1: Declutter

First things first – declutter.

Work first to declutter the main living and high-traffic areas in the house:

In the kitchen, declutter the countertops, refrigerator, and pantry by removing any unnecessary items and tossing expired food.

Clean out the cabinets and give every dish, cup, pot and pan a designated space; this will make cleaning up after those late-night holiday parties a breeze.

Step 2: Stock up on batteries

It might seem like a silly one; however, when it comes to Christmas morning, this is one of the most important preparations for young families! When the little ones open their presents and want to play with them right away, you’ll be thankful you stocked up.

Step 3: Refresh with new Scents

The smell is arguably the most underrated sense, containing an invisible capacity to dictate the atmosphere of a room. Try infusing the air with summery scents to liven your living space.

Some classic summer aromas include coconut, eucalyptus, lemon, and jasmine. For the festive period, you can opt for scents such as pine, ginger, cinnamon, or spiced orange to inspire feelings of a wintery Christmas.

Step 4: Be ready to entertain!

If you are in a new home, then you may expect some visitors to pop by to see your new home. So preparations are needed to make your celebrations extra special. Stocking the pantry early and buying items in bulk will keep you from last-minute, budget-busting shopping. Plan ahead on what dishes to have on, as well as table décor. Stock up on everyone’s favourite snacks and holiday drinks.


Step 5: Get Festive!

Embrace the season with your favourite decorations! You can keep it as minimum or as maximal as you like. Don’t forget areas like the bathroom and entryways. Each little detail holds the potential to curate a joyful experience for you and your guests, and enjoy spending time in your home!

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