To help make sure your new home design captures a timeless layout and style, here are some important factors to consider:

Consider your floorplan 

A seamless flow between spaces is made possible by an open-plan living area, providing more flexibility. It also allows for a cohesive design aesthetic across the living, dining, and kitchen areas. For optimal results, it is recommended to maintain consistency in the flooring, lighting, and colour scheme throughout all connected spaces. In cases where visual distinction is necessary, the use of materials, colour, or furnishings can be employed to create defined areas.

Neutral colour palettes

In timeless interiors, neutrals have always had a strong presence. Opting for a neutral palette doesn’t mean you can’t add personality and feeling to a home. Warm whites, for example, create an inviting space and compliment an interior that has a lot of texture and natural materials. Cool whites, on the other hand, are great for neutralising spaces that flooded with natural light and work well with those decorating in a minimalist style.

If you’re keen to add a splash of colour to your timeless home, do so through your decorative elements such as artwork, throws or cushions. Layering colour in through smaller pieces won’t be too overpowering.

Blend old & new

Combining finishes, furniture and features from different eras and styles can help create a timeless space. Don’t be afraid to mix it up – By mixing pieces with both classic and modern influences, you’ll be able to create a lived-in, interesting, and sophisticated look. So, embrace the vintage pieces you love, and don’t be afraid to pair them with contemporary accents for an ageless look. Having a beautiful old rug under a contemporary rug sofa of clean lines will create a timeless feel.

Embrace natural materials 

utilising the amazing materials we have around us, bring these into your home in your finishes, fixtures & furnishings such as timbers, stone, linens & plants. Natural elements are one of the key points to creating a cosy and completed space.

Quality home building is always in style – New Generation Homes

From our house and land packages to our unique portfolio of home designs, what underpins each of our homes is a timeless tradition of quality construction, value-packed inclusions and an enduring sense of style.

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