With so many different floorplans available, how do you determine the right one? And how can you determine the floorplan will match your lifestyle? When designing a home, floorplans are an invaluable tool, so what makes a good one? We have made a checklist that is easy to follow and has some great tips along the way.

Before you start your home-building journey, here are some key considerations:

1. Block layout 

Start by considering the size and layout of your block, as this may determine the size of the house you build.

If you purchase your own block of land rather than choosing a house and land package through us, we do recommend having a floorplan in mind before committing to the block.

Other things to consider are the orientation of your house, the sun’s angle, the site for the driveway and airflow in the house.

2. Budget 

Another factor we recommend to have in mind when looking at floorplans, is having a budget in mind. It’s very easy to get carried away; it’s good to remember that “off-the-shelve” plans are a set cost, but if you decide to customise or create a one-off bespoke design with one of our consultants, the price will be adjusted accordingly.

3. Wish list 

At New Generation Homes we have 6 display homes, all with different floorplans, so using existing homes as inspiration to find what does and does not work for you. With the home features in mind, create a list of ‘must haves’ and a list of ‘nice to haves’; and also think of the features that don’t work for you at all. From there, you’ll have a clear idea of what you need and want.

4. Lifestyle requirements 

Your wish list should also reflect the lifestyle you want in terms of layout and practicality. It may sound obvious, but you need to be able to imagine yourself actually living and functioning in the home.

Do you like to entertain frequently? or rarely? Do you love being outdoors and spending most of your time outside having a BBQ? Or do you prefer snuggling up in front of a film in the home theatre? Don’t forget to think about your daily activities, such as doing laundry and cleaning the house.

5. Future Proof 

Not every floorplan will suit your lifestyle or the phase of life you are in currently, so think about what your plans are for the future. Will you be staying in this home for a while? Will your family be growing? If you are unsure about what your future lifestyle looks like, then plan the spaces to be flexible, having room for a theatre, yoga studio or work studio – planning in versatile spaces is a smart way to ensure you can grow with your home.

Choosing the right floorplan is one of the most important aspects you need to complete when building a home from scratch.

With New Generation Homes we have over 60 home designs that cater to various lifestyles and budgets. Explore our range and visualise yourself in them, better yet. Visit one of our display homes to get an idea of the layout and flow of the designs.


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