1. Clear Your Clutter

For good Feng Shui, it’s good to start with clearing the clutter. Sure, clutter clearing can be a tedious task, but you mustn’t skip this step as it’s essential in creating harmony at home with Feng Shui energy. Also clean your windows regularly, it lets more sunlight in and increases your clarity, colour and precision of the outside world and generally elevates the energy of the room.

2. Quality Air + Quality Light = Chi

Let fresh air and natural light in regularly. Good quality air and light are the two elements needed to encourage positive Feng Shui energy, known as ‘Chi’. So open the windows often and allow as much natural light in as possible.

3. Go Green

In feng shui, plants embody life energy. adding living plants to your home, air-purifying plants bring positive energy, freshness and vitality while boosting your connection with nature. Green, vibrant plants are one of the key feng shui items for the home. Plus, they look great! Remember if you are new to plants, make sure you can care for the plants and consider the lighting conditions you place your plants in.

4. Front Focus

Take a look at your home’s front entry. This is how a house absorbs its Feng Shui energy nourishment so start with a strong and attractive front door and make sure the entry is as light and ‘airy’ as possible. Avoid having a mirror directly facing the front door as Feng Shui experts believe the mirror pushes away good energy entering the house.

5. Colour Code

Choosing the correct colours for Feng Shui can do wonders for your home. Based on Feng Shui principles, the bedrooms, bathroom and living areas should have muted earth or pastel tones. Use these ideas as guidelines only; our best choice of colour should be based on your intuition.
Now that you’re in the know, go forth and enjoy Feng Shui-ing your new home build!
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