What colours, textures and styles have you had your eye on? Are you wanting to create a light and bright home? Maybe you had a coastal theme in mind or maybe a mid-century vibe? In a pre-start meeting, all internal and external finishes, products, upgrades and even the electrical layout will need to be finalised and signed off.

You’ll have a lot to think about before you get into your meeting, but don’t worry our team here are the best of the best and here to help you plan and design your dream home.

Tips before your meeting  

It is important to be organised and prepared for this meeting, so do some homework with what you want and know what budget you may have for upgrades.

Visit our Style Studio & Display Homes

Before your prestart meeting, make sure you have time to visit our Style studio or displays homes, to see what the fixtures and colours look like in real life. That way you can weigh up all your choices and feel comfortable with your choices during the meeting. You need to pick the type of brick you want and the colour of roof, it’s beneficial to see what they look like in situ. When you visit our Display homes, our New Homes Consultants will be able to assist in sharing the colour names of what you can see.

Mock up your electrical plan

This is a big one and important. You will need to identify where your electrical outlets will be going and ceiling lights. It’s better to pre-plan this as you don’t want to get down the track and need to invest in additional lighting or get a sparky out to add in additional outlets for you. What helps with this is to plan where you would like your furniture and then identify what power is required for this. We strongly suggest to have an idea about this before your pre-start meeting.

Consider your furniture layout 

This may seem like way to far in advance but as suggested will help with your electrical plan, and how you will be using the spaces.

This is also a great opportunity to measure the depth of your appliances (or future appliances) like your fridge, dishwasher, washing machine so you know they will work in your future kitchen & laundry.



You will have already have obtained finance approval, however if it hasn’t been settled by the time you get to your prestart meeting, just make sure you notify your Client Administrator so they can update it on their end. If you have selected any upgrades during your prestart meeting, just remember you will need to provide a bank statement to your Client Administrator prior to moving to construction so you can show proof of funds.

Check out the @ Home Portal 

Log into your @ Home Portal before coming to your pre-start meeting so you can see all the selections and what the colours look like on the software, as there will be slight differences in colour to what they look like in real life.

Focus on what’s important

Don’t go on too many tangents that take you away from your original vision of your home. Keep in mind your concept or idea of the home and try to stick to it. Don’t be scared to be yourself! Be happy with the design and colour schemes that you are seeing, as you are the one who will be living there!

Enjoy the process

It’s worth organising what your preferences are as it makes everything so much easier and more enjoyable. Arrive prepared to your Pre-start meeting at our style studio. We will then give you the details of your home and help you organise everything.

Whether your house is your long-term nest or a savvy investment, it’s all yours at the end of the day. That means every little choice counts, reflecting exactly what you want. You’ve put your heart and soul into this place, so let’s make it yours! Do your research, chat with our experts, ask all the questions and get excited about seeing your vision come to life!

Preparation is key 

Some of the suppliers we work with have showrooms here in Perth where you can visit and get samples which we always recommend doing as well – Booking an appointment is always advantageous as you will be able to speak to a specialist about what will best suit your needs. Our Style Studio is an amazing resource as well, as it has been carefully designed and have all style elements in one place so you can see and feel everything, including bricks, carpet, door handles and tapware.

Crosby tiles 

Wattyl Paint


Jason windows

Tiles Expo

Carpet Call



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