When things take a turn from the usual light colour palette and head towards a moody, dramatic contrast, a timeless interior is born. Case in point: Our recently opened display home, the Kiyo Grandeur. Opting for a contrasting palette of black and white accentuated by natural materials, our new display home has been designed for the trendsetter. 

Setting the Mood 


While whites and greys are often considered staples in design, tossing in a dark colour (or two) can completely transform the ambience of the space — creating unparalleled visual interest. Within the Kiyo Grandeur we wanted to incorporate black, dark shades of grey & greens to create a stunning contrast against the lighter wood tones found in Japandi design. 

The black walls inject timeless luxury into Kiyo Grandeur, giving it a designer-like feel, these also enhance the visual impact of the items placed against them — allowing the wall art to take centre stage. Finally, the black hues create a cosy and intimate environment.


Adding Natural Materials and Textures

The Kiyo Grandeur goes big on natural materials, as emphasised by the Japandi design style. Oakwood cabinet fronts, rattan lampshades for the pendant lights, and large, potted plants are a few ways the residence brings the outdoors in —fostering tranquillity. 

The white-and-black contrast continues to the kitchen area, where a light and bright ambience is created with the use of a large sliding door. This, coupled with the airy draperies, allows natural light to illuminate the delicacies of design.

Embracing Flowy Forms

Curvy and organic forms are another essential of Kiyo Grandeur’s minimalist elegance, as seen in the archway within the main suite continuing through our oval mirrors. They add a harmonious flow — and infuse intrigue into the interior. The flowy forms also transform the spatial dynamics of the environment and introduce fluidity to the space. This creates softness, making the ambience welcoming.   

Bringing the outdoors in 


It was important in this home that their should be seamless transition from the outdoors in and feel connected to the outdoor space. With large windows bringing in as much natural light as possible and utilsing green tiles from floor to ceiling, the main ensuite gives off the feeling of a luxurious spa.

Moving to the kitchen the Kiyo has utilised a kitchen servery right onto the alfresco. Again a brilliant way to bring in natural light when doing the dishes, and on an entertainment level,it allows for the host to bring food and drinks be quickly brought from the kitchen to the outdoor entertaining area, without trudging dirty feet in and out all the time.

Celebrating the Prime Location


The modern yet edgy design aesthetic of the Kiyo Grandeur is complemented by its prime location. Nestled in the scenic Apsley Estate on Opulence Street, Treeby, this residence has its roots in wellness, community, and nature. Among other amenities, the residents can enjoy a scenic lake nearby as well as leafy streets and vibrant parks.

 Book an appointment with us to view the Kiyo Grandeur over the holiday season! 

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