1. Choose cheaper carpets

You may as well face it – kids like to play, and they like to play messily! Whether accidentally spilling that cup of orange juice, dropping that toast (face down of course!) or relentlessly pushing that tip truck across the room, your floors are the unsuspecting victims of abuse! So rather than spend their formative years tearing your hair out every time they develop sudden nausea on your luxurious Savoir Faire pure wool plush, choose cheaper carpets and let them go nuts! You can get the flooring you’ve always wanted once they’ve outgrown their uncoordinated destructive tendencies!

2. Position the kitchen to overlook the alfresco

In a tragic genetic anticlimax, parents never did evolve to have eyes on the back of their heads! So with kids always champing at the bit to burn their energy off outside, how do you make sure they aren’t about to drag some white sheets into the sandpit? At the designing stage, talk to your builder about positioning the kitchen to overlook the alfresco area, so that you can still supervise, even when you’re super busy.

3. Make the study a playroom

Deep down you love your kids, but like a bad case of nits, sometimes you just need to get them out of your hair! For your own sanity, your new home needs to provide separate rooms where your kids can play safely while you enjoy a cuppa and your favourite TV show. Consider using a study as a playroom full of all their favourite toys. Not only will it prevent their loud playtime voices from drowning out the riveting drama & sub-plot romance on Love Island, it’s a great way to keep their rooms neat and tidy too.

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