This, as well as certain other design elements with hidden benefits, is exactly what we exemplify in our recently opened display home, the Gladstone Grandeur. Whether you’re planning to visit the home for a hands-on experience or simply looking for design inspiration for your new home, this is the place to start! Read on for sneak peeks into the design and delve into its West Australian home comfort theme while learning about the reasoning behind every design choice. 

The First Impression: A Minimalist Facade

Featuring a gable facade, we kept the exterior look for Gladstone Grandeur minimalist and sleek. While textures are added through nature surrounding the front view, we also kept the ambience  welcoming with a double entrance door. The colour palette is an affair of white and grey, making the first impression of this home incredibly trendy. 

Modern with a Twist of Warmth: The Living Room

The living room of Gladstone Grandeur is a minimalist yet warm haven. We set the base with a neutral, largely white color palette. The choice particularly owes to the sense of purity and cleanliness it brings into the home — and how it single-handedly assisted us with setting a modern ambiance.

To capture the essence of West Australian home comfort, we added plenty of natural elements. From the light oak flooring to the rattan coffee table, these can be seen in many different forms. Layering textures was done with the use of cushions and throw blankets. These also provided a fantastic way to add a touch of beige to the colour palette. We opted for all these decor elements with one goal in mind: making the ambiance welcoming. 

Open-Floor Plan: The Kitchen

The secret to making the space open and airy? An open-floor plan! At New Generation Homes, we aim to make the most of every space, bypassing any limitations offered by space constraints. In the Gladstone Grandeur, we achieved the purpose with an open-floor plan, combining the kitchen and living room areas. This makes the interior feel bigger than its actual square footage. Simultaneously, the recessed ceiling creates an illusion of more height.

The kitchen space itself uses a blend of sleek white bottom cabinets paired with wooden upper cabinetry. This creates a beautiful contrast between minimalist and traditional — ensuring the interior resonates with a wide audience.

The Secret to Warmth: Woodsy and Natural Elements

Decor elements are key when it comes to a well-designed interior. In Gladstone Grandeur, we made a head-turning statement with a wooden slat wall. This was intentional, of course, as it also added to our original concept of adding warmth. Moreover, line art helps keep the interior minimal, while black, irregular-shaped pendant lights add a touch of asymmetry. These also serve the purpose of task lighting while doubling as decor. 

 Book an appointment with us today, or you can visit our display homes on Wednesday between 2pm – 5pm or on the weekends from 12pm – 5pm. 


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