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Price Hold

You can afford to feel more secure with our Price Hold Guarantee.

New Generation Homes is a member of the Summit Homes Group family; as such we’re built around people and we recognise that building a home is one of life’s biggest and most exciting investments. We are committed to guaranteeing not only quality of service and professionalism, but also an extended fixed price hold period.

Our ‘Price Hold Guarantee’ offers customers peace of mind knowing their price will be fixed for a total of 6 months from acceptance of your Preparation of Plans Agreement (PPA).

The 6 months extended Price Hold Guarantee requires the following milestones, terms and conditions to be met within the stipulated timeframe (6 months from PPA Date):
• No owner supplied items or works

• No variations between PPA and contract being issued

• No structural variations post contract signing 

• Execute building contract (must be executed within a maximum of 14 days of the Contract being issued)

• Water, developer and all shire approvals obtained

• Unconditional finance approval provided to Builder

• Confirmation of land settlement in owners name/s

• Complete prestart meeting and finalise all selections

• Signed final documentation

• Meet all other contractual obligations relating to site access to commence construction

If you have any questions around the 6-month price hold fill out the form and speak with a New Home Consultant to make sure you cross the t's and dot the i's.