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The dollars and cents, but easier

OK, so it’s not the make-a-moodboard, inspirational part of the process, but let’s face it, finance is the bit that turns inspiration into reality. And what’s great about our in-house finance team is that they’re, well, in-house.

They sit next to the people who put your dream home together. They work with the rest of our team to overcome obstacles and make things happen. Basically, they mean fewer phonecalls, emails, and grey hairs.

Why us?

When finance and construction come together, everything gets easier. Your New Generation in-house finance team understands the complexities of financing for a new build. And when someone else is looking after complexities, you don’t have to.

What’s more, as part of the Summit Homes Group, we have access to tailored loan options that other finance providers often aren’t even aware of. 

Then there’s the access to lower fees and interest rates, no extra service costs, and a seamless collaboration between the people behind your new home.


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