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Innovative construction methods

Innovative building methods

Knowledge is power, so we're putting you in the driving seat and offering you three construction methods to choose from. Each method will mean something different to you, your home, and your block.

As part of Summit Homes Group's dedication to quality and innovation, we work closely with industry leaders who set the benchmarks for energy efficiencies and best practice in construction. We proudly maintain the highest possible level of industry compliance on every build we complete.


1. BrickHybrid

This building method is a combination of brickwork and steel-framing, creating energy efficiencies during the build as well as when you're living in your new home. BrickHybrid homes provide better insulation, keeping you warmer in the winter and cool in WA's sweltering summers. Another plus is BrickHybrid homes offer the best results in regards to sound-proofing your ears to noise pollution. So if the neighbour's having a big one, you won't need to hear every last detail. With New Generation Homes, building with the BrickHybrid method also saves you money; and that's everyone's favourite efficiency. 

2. Double Brick

This method of building is more commonly implemented in Western Australia and has its pros and cons as do all of the methods. Double brick homes offer great acoustic properties, which means your home has a reduction of the noise pollution. The Estimated Sound Reduction Index measures how much sound a structure blocks – the higher the rating, the better the sound reduction properties. You can see a more detailed report on how this building method stacks up on our Building Construction Methods Brochure below.


3. Steel Framed

Steel framed homes, or as we like to think of it, the way of the future, shares the above pros and then some. A commitment to quality is part of the Summit Homes Group promise and that's why New Generation Homes use TRUECORE® steel, a leader in strength, fire-resistance, durability and much more. Building a fully-framed home means energy efficiencies during and after your build and Summit Homes has a steel factory on-site so expediate your building process. Read more detail about this method in the construction brochure.

Looking for more on this method of building? You can read to your heart's content right here.


Construction Methods Brochure

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